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Posted by Thor Magnusson on April 27, 2020

My book, Sonic Writing, was published a year ago. I’ve been happy with its reception and to learn that people whose work I’m continually inspired by are praising the book, using it in their teaching and recommending it as required reading for lab members. The book would not exist without these people and I’m glad that ideas are feeding back the other direction too. Here below I present a mix of interviews, presentations and reviews of the book I’ve participated in or been made aware of.

The first review of the book was by Gregory Taylor on the Cycling74 page: Book Review: Sonic Writing

The prolific Darwin Grosse interviewed me for the Art+Music+Technology Podcast

I discussed the book with Eamonn Bell from the New Books Network.

A little teaser presentation of the book at the Instrumental Shifts Symposium during the Dutch ReWire festival:

Neural Magazine had a review of the book in their February Issue

Neural Sonic Writing Review

Antonio Poscic wrote a review for the February 2019 issue of the Wire Magazine: Wire Sonic Writing Review

A fine review by Justin Pearson on Sonic Writing

Diana Chester wrote a review for the Issue 7 of the Interference Journal

John Dack wrote a review in The Journal of Technology and Culture

Davic C. Jackson presents a review in The Sound Studies Journal

Jack Armitage wrote a review for the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media

Angel Alvarado Cabellow contributes an in-depth review in the Journal for Artistic Research

Pedro Sarmento wrote a review for the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts

Anna Xambo wrote a review for the Organised Sound

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