Creative AI education from the MIMIC project

Posted by Thor Magnusson on June 26, 2020

We are reaping the rewards from the hard work in our MIMIC project this winter. We are introducing two educational projects on creative coding with machine learning, both free and open to all.

Our Emute Lab Sussex team is running a workshop on live coding language design for machine learning. We are about to launch our Sema live coding system for machine learning. The public launch will take place just before our workshop on Sema, and registration is still open: Sema Workshop

Screenshot of Sema A screenshot of the Sema live coding environment for machine learning

There is also a Creative Machine Learning MOOC set up with FutureLearn. People can sign up for the workshop called Apply Creative Machine Learning : Discover the creative side of machine learning with this free course using hands-on examples.

The FutureLearn MOOC is not on live coding but the general application of machine learning in creative coding. We ask how machine learning can help in creative acts, how we might see it as yet another tool in our diverse toolbox of creative applications. Participants will gain understanding of the key principles of machine learning and how to apply these technologies in the production of new art.

FutureLearn Workshop Apply Creative Machine Learning

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